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The Inside Story On Outdoor Teak Furniture

By BeFurnished On 12/28/2006

Tired of boring redwood or unattractive PVC outdoor furniture? Then it’s time for you to discover outdoor teak furniture.

Teak is an amazingly versatile wood that grows in abundance in Burma, India, Thailand and Indonesia. It's natural rich golden brown color makes it unnecessary to paint or stain. The fact that teak wood is naturally oily, water and insect-resistant makes teak the perfect choice for outdoor furniture.

Teak is the preferred wood of shipbuilders who use it on decks, hatches and anywhere that its insect and water-resistant properties are required. Because the wood is so easy to work with, and will not interact with corrosive metals, teak outdoor furniture will hold up as well in your backyard as it holds up on the finest yachts and cruise ships. And it will look as good too!

How To Choose Teak Outdoor Furniture

  • Look for teak outdoor furniture pieces that are not cracked or split along the grain.

  • New teak furniture should be a rich honey or brown color. If the teak outdoor furniture you’re looking at is gray, then the piece is older and has been allowed to weather.

  • Make sure that the wood in all of the pieces of an outdoor teak furniture set match both grain and color.

  • The Care And Feeding Of Outdoor Teak Furniture

    Left on its own without maintenance, teak will weather and eventually turn a soft gray color. Many people prefer the gray look and letting it turn that color does not affect the strength of the wood. Sometimes teak will turn green instead of grey.

    In order to get the longest life from your outdoor teak furniture it is important that you treat the teak wood at least once per year to maintain its water and insect-resistance and to prevent splitting or warping. Some people prefer to treat their outdoor teak furniture twice; once at the start of the outdoor season and again at the end.

    Here’s how to do it:

    1. Wash each outdoor teak furniture piece with a mild soap and warm water. Murphy’s Oil Soap is a good choice, but you can use any mild soap or detergent. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to get the stubborn dirt out if you need to. Washing the wood this way not only removes the surface dirt, but it also removes mold, mildew and surface oxidation.

    2. Rinse the wood thoroughly to remove all dirt and soap residue and let dry overnight.

    3. Sand the exposed teak wood surfaces with fine grain sandpaper. Choose #320 grit or higher if available. Be sure to sand with the grain and never against the grain. You only need to sand enough of the teak surface to expose the natural color of the wood. Do not over-sand.

    4. Wipe off all of the residual sawdust using a clean, dry and soft lint-free cloth. Be sure to get the sawdust that might be caught in corners or where pieces of teak wood overlap.

    5. Use a soft natural-bristle paintbrush to apply a coat of teakwood oil to all of the exposed surfaces on each piece of your outdoor teak furniture. Apply the teak oil liberally but do not over-saturate the wood. Use even brush strokes.

    6. Allow the first coat to dry for at least one hour and then apply a second coat. Continue the process until your outdoor teak furniture is the color that you want it to be.

    With a little bit of care and maintenance you should get many years of enjoyable use out of your outdoor teak furniture.

    The BeFurnished Team are Teak Furniture and Patio Furniture experts, so please Contact Us for more details, products and information.

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