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Refinishing Teak

By BeFurnished On 1/9/2007

Refinishing Teak

Because teak is such a durable material, itís not hard to find old pieces of teak furniture. While teak requires nearly no maintenance, antique pieces may need a little restoration to bring them back to their former glorious splendor. Luckily, restoring teak is a fairly easy project, and the results can be extremely gratifying. Imagine restoring a piece of antique outdoor furniture from lackluster to magnificent in just an afternoon.

As teak ages, it tends to take on a delicate grey hue. This color is prized by many teak enthusiasts, but thereís no denying the fact that teakís original golden color is a sight to behold. Teak restoration makes it possible to revive this color simply and naturally without compromising the woodís integrity in any way.

A few quick preparation steps should be taken to prepare the area for your work. Put down a drop cloth to minimize the mess from the sanding youíll be doing, and make sure youíre working in a well ventilated area (and donít forget your goggles and dust mask). Use an orbital sander equipped with a fine grained paper, and gently sand the surface of the wood, using circular motions. Be careful not to push the sander into the wood too hard. Continue sanding until you reach the raw wood, where it will have a deep, golden hue instead of the silvery wood you just sanded away.

Sand hard to reach spots with smaller pieces of paper, being careful to sand evenly and gently. Once the entire piece has been sanded, wipe it down with a soft cloth. Be sure to clear away all remaining dust, as stray sawdust can interfere with later steps. Protect the newly sanded piece of furniture from moisture, as this can leave stains that will need to be retreated.

Once the piece has been sanded and cleared of any dust, itís time to apply some oil. Teak wood and furniture are naturally rich in oils that contribute to its water resistance and insect repelling qualities. Restoring these oils can deepen the shine and extend its durability even further. Work one section at a time, applying small amounts of oil to a clean, soft rag. This may be one of the most rewarding steps, as the wood will begin to glow as you work, letting you fully appreciate the fruits of your labor. Apply the oil in thin, even layers, allowing it to dry between each coat. You can continue to apply the oil until the wood stops absorbing it, ensuring that it is fully moisturized. By now, your teak furniture will have taken on a deep, rich color of amber or honey, and will have a lustrous glow. Once all coats have been applied, allow the chair to dry completely, then give a final buff with the cloth to maximize the luster and sheen.

A teak sealer can help retain the oils within the wood and prevent oil loss through evaporation. One coat should suffice, and will keep your wood looking beautiful and lustrous all year long. If an occasional touch up is required (common with outdoor teak furniture) a simple cleaning and re-oiling will return the furniture to its full glory.

The process of restoring an old piece of teak furniture can be a rewarding experience, as you watch something transform from a weathered article to a splendid work of art. And even for the novice refinisher, it can be accomplished in one afternoon. Not only is it a great way to bring life back to an old piece of furniture, it enables you to buy secondhand pieces of teak patio furniture or other teak pieces for a fraction of the price, and still enjoy all the beauty of a brand new item.

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